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113 Blue Jay Dr., Ste 100
Liberty MO 64068
Ph: 800.595.9750
Ph: 816.792-9989
Fax: 816.792.8746


M.A.R.C.H. takes an inclusive approach to defining issues appropriate for mediation. Once parents have taken the steps to participate in mediation, the more they can accomplish as part of the process the more likely they are to be able to communicate cooperatively in the future without assistance.  
The intake form used by M.A.R.C.H. contains the question, "What are the issues that you are currently experiencing disagreement about with the other parent?" with the following list of issues as examples:  
  1. Contact or parenting time  
  2. Children's transition: going from one parent to the other  
  3. Safety of children 
  4. Health of children 
  5. Education  
  6. Children's religious upbringing  
  7. Discipline of children  
  8. Children's relationship with other parent's new partner  
  9. Communication between parents  
  10. Conflict which is hurtful to the children  
  11. Turning the children against a parent  
  12. Financial support  
  13. Transportation responsibilities  
  14. Medical insurance  
  15. Relocation  
  16. Other  
NOTE that there are LIMITATIONS regarding child support arrearages and deviation from presumed Form 14 child support amount and cases involving domestic violence.
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