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M.A.R.C.H. realizes that mediation is not appropriate in every situation. Our Policy Manual contains a comprehensive domestic violence policy.** This policy includes the following excerpt from the Report of the Academy of Family Mediators Task Force on Spousal and Child Abuse entitled "Mediation of Family Disputes Involving Domestic Violence:" 
"Mediators and mediation services have an ethical duty to assure that mediation occurs in a safe environment and that the process 
goes forward only if both parties have the ability to mediate safely, 
autonomously, and free from any intimidation. The parties must be capable of reaching outcomes satisfactory to both of them, voluntarily and with informed consent." 
M.A.R.C.H. policy dictates that mediations be established and occur in an environment consistent with the above policy statement. Any parents with questions or concerns about domestic violence and mediation or M.A.R.C.H.'s policy regarding domestic violence should contact Larry Swall, Executive Director, at (816)792-9905. 
** Other mediation programs who wish to receive a copy of our policy may contact Larry Swall or Bob Hellrung, Mediation Advisor, at 816-792-9905.
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